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Grain free kibble with organic chicken, MSC herring, tapioca and peas for cats. Suitable for kittens of 6 weeks and older, for cats that have difficulty processing grains and for active cats due to the higher protein and fat content. The organic cat food is a complete, nutritious and very tasty meal for your cat. Pure organic feed and therefore free of chemical fragrances, colors and flavors, pesticides and GMO, whereby the best absorbable proteins have been selected. This way your cat gets exactly what it needs. This bag contains 17.5% dried chicken from at least 700g of fresh, organic chicken. The organic chickens processed in the feed have had a better life, where they have been allowed to forage outside, have eaten purely organic and have been able to live longer than regular chickens. The food contains chicken because of its good digestibility and because cats love it. Herring is rich in proteins and fats and contains many vitamins and minerals. The omega-3 and -6 fatty acids in the fish have an anti-inflammatory effect on fur and skin and keep your cat’s muscles supple. The combination of chicken and fish offers picky cats variety in their daily meal. The organic peas in the grain-free dry cat food are rich in fiber. They also help keep blood sugar levels low. Due to the use of pure, organic ingredients, there is less chance of allergies and coat problems.



Dried chicken* (17,5%), tapioca*, green peas*, yellow peas*, chicken fat*, soybeans*, lupine*, potato protein*, sunflower seed husks*, dried MSC herring¹ (4%), brewers yeast, minerals. * = Organic. ¹From an MSC certified sustainable fishery | 95,9% of agricultural resources is sourced from organic agriculture.”
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