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  • Contains a proprietary blend of 17 of the best digestive enzymes that help your system extract more nutrients from the foods you’re eating
  • Exclusive tri-phase protease (proteolytic enzyme formula) works at every stomach pH level so all the protein you eat is broken down into usable building blocks
  • Uses cultured enzymes which can be 100 to 1000 times more powerful than food enzymes
  • Designed to enhance digestion for ALL types of foods and diets from plant-based to carnivore. Helps repair damaged intestinal walls and increases absorption of certain vitamins and minerals
  • Improves digestive balance and reduces acid reflux, constipation, gas, and bloating
  • Boosts energy by increasing metabolism of carbs, fat, and protein for fuel
  • Vegan digestive enzymes that contain no dairy, soy, GMOs, chemical fillers, or binders


  • Serving Size: 3 capsules
  • # of Servings: 40
  • Form: Powder in plant cellulose capsules
  • Capsule Size: Standard size 0 (7.5mm x 21mm)


  • Take 3 capsules with every meal
  • If desired, capsules can be opened and powder added to water or any beverage



Tri-Phase Proteolytic Protease Enzymes (Breaks Down Proteins, Reduces Acid Reflux & Bloating)

Also known as proteolytic enzymes, proteases are responsible for breaking down the proteins and peptides in food into amino acids – the building blocks of the body used for making and maintaining muscle tissue and organs. But what makes proteases extra special is that they have the ability to act as both digestive enzymes and systemic enzymes. Not only do proteases support optimal digestion, but they’re important for circulatory health, cell division, apoptosis (programmed cell death), and more.4

When taken on an empty stomach, proteases can bypass the stomach and enter the bloodstream directly, where they help to break down excess fibrin. Fibrin is an insoluble protein compound that the body naturally uses to heal injuries by forming scar tissue.5, 6 Too much fibrin in the blood, however, can increase blood pressure and inhibit the healing process by creating inflammation, growths, and adhesions that lead to increased pain, chronic fatigue, and a higher risk of heart attack and stroke.7

Research has shown that proteolytic enzymes can also help to reduce pain, swelling, and bruising after surgery,8 aid with delayed-onset muscle soreness after exercise,9 and help with managing pain in patients with inflammatory conditions.10 They are also increasingly being used in cancer treatment and management.11

When taken with meals, proteases act as digestive enzymes that help ensure the protein in your food is fully digested for maximum nutrient absorption. The benefits of improved digestion range from reduced bloating, acid reflux, belching, and flatulence, to increased energy and easier weight management.

In supplements, you’ll often see proteases labeled using a number scale based on their activity in various pH environments, typically ranging from 3.0-6.0. The higher the protease number, the broader its spectrum of activity within the digestive tract.

Over 55% of Organixx Enzyme 17 is comprised of 5 kinds of protease enzymes in a tri-phase proteolytic enzyme formula. This means the enzymes are able to function in three distinct pH levels in the digestive tract to break down virtually any protein from plant and animal sources:

Protease 3.0 is characterized by its ability to hydrolyze (break down) proteins under acid conditions in the stomach.

Protease 4.5 works to provide protein digestion in the stomach and pyloric regions of the small intestine.

Protease 6.0 works with other enzymes to provide protein digestion throughout the digestive tract.

Digestive Enzyme Blend (Breaks Down Carbohydrates, Fats, & Proteins)

Enzyme 17 offers a proprietary full-spectrum blend of 13 different digestive enzymes designed to enhance digestion for ALL types of foods and dietary styles. Digestive enzymes help to pre-digest food before it passes into the stomach and small intestine, mimicking the enzymes naturally produced by the pancreas.12 Only when food is broken down (i.e., digested) can nutrients be extracted and utilized by the body.

There are many diverse kinds of digestive enzymes which are needed for digesting different kinds of foods. For example, people who can’t digest dairy products (a condition known as lactose intolerance) can find relief by supplementing with the enzyme lactase.13 People who get gassy when eating beans and cruciferous vegetables can benefit by supplementing with the enzyme alpha galactosidase. Most people eat a broad range of foods that include different types of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, and will benefit from a full-spectrum digestive enzyme supplement.

The full-spectrum digestive enzyme blend in Enzyme 17 includes:

Amylase to break down carbohydrates, sugars, and starches in grains, rice, potatoes, fruits, vegetables, beans, and herbs.

Alpha Galactosidase to break down simple sugars (polysaccharides) and complex sugars (oligosaccharides) in legumes and cruciferous vegetables.

Beta-glucanase to breaks down cellulose (plant fiber) in grains and cereals.

Bromelain to break down proteins, and also provides proteolytic (systemic) support for the body.

Cellulase to break down food fiber (cellulose) in fruits and vegetables.

Diastase maltase to break down carbohydrate-rich foods into other types of sugar that can be more easily used by the body.

Glucoamylase to break down long-chain carbohydrates and starches in foods such as grains and potatoes.

Hemicellulase to break down hemicellulose, a type of cellulose in plant walls, as well as non-cellulose polysaccharides.

Invertase to break down sucrose and simple sugars.

Lactase to break down lactose, a simple sugar found in milk and dairy products.

Lipase to break down fats in butter, cheese, meat, and oils.

Pectinase to break down pectin, a polysaccharide found in fruits and vegetables.

Phytase to break down carbohydrates, as well as “anti-nutrients” like phytic acid in plants, grains, and seeds.

Enzyme 17 also uses cultured enzymes that have been extracted from a fermentation process and offer the benefit of being anywhere from 100 to 1000 times more powerful than a typical food enzyme. The culturing process is very time consuming and expensive, which is why so few digestive enzyme supplements on the market contain cultured enzymes.

Your body can’t digest food properly when it’s lacking in digestive enzymes. By supplying your body with the enzymes it needs, you’ll facilitate nutrient absorption (for better energy and overall health) while helping to relieve the painful symptoms of poor digestion.

AstraZyme® (Increases Nutrient Absorption by Up to 66%)

A proprietary and proven combination of enzymes, herbal extracts, and trace minerals, the word AstraZyme® literally means “vehicle of energy”. Studies have shown this proprietary formula to dramatically enhance (by up to 66%!) the absorption of nutrients your body needs to function properly – including arginine, citrulline, tryptophan, folate, and glucosamine.

After water, your body is mostly made up of protein. In order for your body to effectively use the protein in the foods you eat, it must first be completely broken down from long-chain amino acids into peptides and single amino acids. These molecules then need to be efficiently absorbed to be of any value. AstraZyme enhances digestion by addressing both aspects of protein utilization needed for optimal health:

  1. The complete breakdown of protein
  2. Enhanced absorption of peptides and amino acids

The herbal extracts in AstraZyme come from two different plants: Panax notoginseng and Astragalus membranaceus. Both have been used for centuries and are well-known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as their ability to help strengthen the immune system. This specific herbal combination has been validated by science and demonstrated to enhance the cellular absorption of amino acids, vitamins, and glucose in both In vitro and In vivo studies.14

The third element of the AstraZyme formula is trace minerals. There are more than 5,000 enzymes in the human body with each enzyme dependent on a specific mineral to reach its full catalytic effect. AstraZyme includes 72 individual minerals demonstrated to have the most potent results.

Interestingly, this trace mineral complex also mirrors the same microscopic geometric pattern as those of the enzymes – tetrahedrons (four-sided pyramids) which act as a delivery system for the minerals. Once the “payload” of minerals has been delivered to the cell, this unique tetrahedron complex then uptakes various waste byproducts and helps safely pull them out of the body.

The particular type and source of mineral complex in AstraZyme enjoys a GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status in the supplement industry and is used in medical and pharmaceutical applications. Because of the purity and potency of the minerals, only very small doses are required.

The results achieved by the specific trio of enzymes, herbals, and trace minerals in AstraZyme are astounding and have been documented in a landmark clinical study. Some of the key findings include:15

● rate of absorption of peptides increased by 30%

● quantity of peptides absorbed increased by 41%

● rate of absorption of amino acids increased by more than 61%

● quantity of amino acids absorbed increased by 70%

By maximizing the digestion and absorption of proteins so they can be used to rebuild and refuel your body, you may experience increased energy, improved digestion, and better overall health and vitality.






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