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Contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system and muscles. Floradix® MAGNESIUM contains an easily absorbable form of magnesium. This is an important element that contributes to normal muscle function and normal functioning of the nervous system and has a beneficial effect on mood. In addition, magnesium supports energy metabolism. Floradix® MAGNESIUM is recommended for anyone in periods with an increased need for magnesium. But also when the nervous system can use extra support. Floradix® MAGNESIUM is liquid, well absorbed and easy to take. The mineral magnesium is important for muscles, the nervous system and bone formation. Floradix® MAGNESIUM contains magnesium in the form of magnesium gluconate and magnesium citrate. This is a good recordable form. One 20 ml measuring cup provides your body with approximately 83 percent of its daily requirement. Use: 1x daily 20 ml before a meal.



Mix of fruit concentrates 37% (water. pineapple. pear. mango. apricot. grape. carob extract. apple. lemon), Aqueous plant extract 34% (chamomile flower (Matricaria recutita). fennel fruit (Foeniculum vulgare). orange peel (Citrus aurantium). CARROT(Daucus carota). spinach leaves (Spinacia oleracea)), Magnesium, Honey, Magnesium citrate, Natural flavors.
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