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Your immune system has complex ways of fighting viruses, but viruses also have sneaky ways of fooling your immune system and invading cells. That’s why you want to give your body the immune system support tools it needs to fight back against invading viruses – especially during cold & flu season. Three of the best natural immune support nutrients for shoring up the body’s defenses against viruses and disease-causing bacteria are vitamin C, elderberry, and zinc. But be careful… you can’t arm your immune system with low-grade, lab made, synthetic ingredients that your body won’t recognize and absorb, let alone derive any benefit from.

That’s why our new Immunity 3 immune support supplement contains only the highest-quality wholefood and organic ingredients that your body can easily take in and use to its best advantage: Vitamin C from organic camu camu grown in the Amazon rainforest, organic black elderberry extract, along with two forms of highly absorbable zinc. Combined, this esteemed trio of ingredients provides you with the best immune system support… in the healthiest way possible!


Just two (2) capsules of Immunity 3 contain enough vitamin C and zinc to meet the daily needs of adult men and women without overloading your body with more than it can handle. It can even be used to provide immune support for kids as one (1) capsule meets the recommended daily allowances of vitamin C and zinc for children ages 9 & up.

You’ll often see extremely high Daily Value percentages (%DV) listed on the labels of supplements made from synthetic compounds. But more is not better in an immune support supplement. These chemical vitamins in mega-doses can actually be toxic to the body and trigger an undesirable immune response. Whole food vitamins, on the other hand, are easily recognized and assimilated by the body. And when the ingredients are organic, non-GMO, and free from fillers and harmful additives… you’re getting the best of all possible worlds when it comes to natural immune support.

Along with vitamin C and zinc, Immunity 3 also provides you with 200 mg of organic elderberry extract. Elderberry has long been used as a traditional remedy for immune support and soothing the symptoms of cold & flu.

If building up your body’s defenses against seasonal health challenges wasn’t enough, both camu camu and elderberry are exceptionally high in antioxidants. Antioxidants help prevent free radical damage that can lead to painful inflammation, premature aging, and even chronic disease.

Fortify your immune system and full-body health now with the best immune support supplement available… new Organixx Immunity 3.



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