Laundry Stain Remover Citrus Zest 475ml – Attitude


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Perfect for getting rid of stubborn stains, this natural stain remover is formulated without any suspicious chemicals, making it a safe choice. Effectively removes grease and dirt and all kinds of stains: food, wine, blood, mud, etc. Without phosphates, dyes and vegan. And manufactured CO2 neutral.! So safer for people and the environment! Directions for use: Treatment before washing with the handy spray bottle. Leaves no odor and is suitable for all colourfast fabrics, works at all temperatures.



Propanediol (5%-15%), lauryl glucoside (<5%), myristyl glucoside (<5%), caprylyl glucoside (<5%), sodium citrate (<5%), sodium gluconate (<5%), sodium iminodisuccinate (<5%), fragrance* (<5%), protease (<5%), aqua (>30%), *derived from natural ingredients.

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