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100% natural scent of a room Happiness is composed of the oils of the fruity and fresh orange, the warm citrus scent of mandarin and the rich scent of the sweet, floral and exotic vanilla. A perfect combination of sweet, fresh and warm notes. With the warm scent of vanilla we combine warmth, relaxation and security. Connected with the fresh and sweet scents of orange and mandarin, Happiness creates a cheerful and energetic atmosphere at any time of the day. Children will also appreciate the scent. There can hardly be more cheerfulness in your room than with this composition. Ideal to start the day and to give yourself a boost. Mixed in a bath oil, massage oil or skin oil, this composition is not only good for the mood, but also for the skin. Both vanilla and orange have a soothing and nourishing effect. In addition, orange ensures the regeneration of skin cells.




Citrus sinensis, Citrus reticulata var. ‘mandarin’, Vanilla planifolia.

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