Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cold Extraction 500ml – Oleum Crete


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The Greek, Extra Virgin Olive Oil ΟLEUM CRETA BIO comes from the Messara valley in southern Crete it is a Protected Destination of Origin product ( Messara P.D.O. ) and is one of the premium, quality olive oils with very fine flavour, acidity that does not exceed 0.3% of oleic acid per 100 grams, produced with the cold extraction method and fully complying with the international health and gastronomy standards. It is part of the family of our Oleum Extra Virgin Olive Oil. If organic extra virgin olive oil is a must for you, look no further than our Oleum Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Winning more than 7 Global Taste Awards it is renown for it premium quality and taste.

Our ‘Oleum’ can be used in salads, marinades, sauces, fish and meat dishes will enhance the taste of any food with which it is used.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has also many nutritional health benefits and is particularly know for it’s high levels of monounsaturated (good) fat. It contains zero trans (bad) fats and is lower in saturated (bad) fat than other commonly used ingredients.

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