Organic Instant coffee senza decaffeinated 100g – Simon Lévelt


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Soft mild aromatic coffee with a full sweet body. Delicious coffee in an instant!. Simon Lévelt’s organic decaffeinated instant coffee is a delicious blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans. Decaffeinated in an environmentally friendly way. To decaffeinate the coffee, the caffeine is removed from the bean while it is still green. The other taste-determining substances remain in the coffee bean. The H2OC method is used for this coffee; by rinsing the green beans for a long time with water, the caffeine dissolves in the water. A great alternative for a single cup of coffee in between. The organic instant coffee is EKO certified. Suitable for approximately 50 cups of coffee.



Instant coffee senza decaffeinated, Organic

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