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The Rescue Remedy is particularly suitable in emergency situations: accident, bad news, fright and intoxication. 5 blossoms have been selected from the various Bach Flowers, which together provide the special effect of Bach Rescue Remedy: * Cherry Plum / Cherry Plum: helps to remain calm * Clematis / Bos vine: supports presence of mind for dreaminess or little interest in the present * Impatiens / Balsam of the sun: against impatience and irritation * Rock Rose/ Rock Rose: against feelings of panic * Star of Bethlehem/ Bird’s milk: for the after-effects of traumatic experiences, shock. Dosage and use Put four drops in a small glass of water. Take small sips (sip) until you feel the effect. Then take as needed. If there is no water available: put four drops on the tongue. Repeat as needed, possibly every five minutes.



Alcohol, tincture of Rescue blossom mix (sun rose, forest vine, giant balsamic, cherry plum and bird MILK).


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