Scrambled Eggs in Sourdough Bread



Fresh Biodynamic Eggs*, Sourdough bread*: Spelt flour*, Sunflower seeds Flax seeds*, Pumpkin Seeds*, Rye Sourdough*, Gray Salt, Salad: Mix leaf salad*, Tomato*, Cucumber*, Carrots*, Sauerkraut*, Sour beets*

Alergens: Eggs, gluten

*Organic Ingredients

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Eggs are local from Grangebag organic farm in Dunlavin, Sourdough spelt bread baked in our cafe, Sourdough is 10 years old, not contain baking yeasts or soda. Mix leaf salads and vegetables most of year coming from local growers Grangebag Organic Farm or Moyleabbey Organic Farm in Croockstownor other local growers. Sauerkraut and Sour Beats are fermented by us, in stoneware (we don use plastic during fermentation) unpasteurized, no citric acid added


Eggs, Sauerkraut, Sour Beets, Bread, Butter available in our shop


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