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Ylang Ylang is the sweetest among the essential oils. The cananga tree, which originally grows in Indonesia and the Philippines, has intriguing green-yellow flowers that give off an intoxicating fragrance. One can call the fragrance warm, sweet and floral. Delicious as part of a (skin) perfume. Ylang Ylang balances the sebum content on the skin (processed in a base oil) and can be used for dry skin, oily skin and pimples. However, ylang-ylang has the greatest influence on the psyche: it relaxes and calms nervousness.

Ylang Ylang has an exotic fresh scent that makes your laundry smell wonderful. Add approximately 10 drops of essential oil to the softener compartment. To be used in combination with the GreenHub Washnuts Natural



Essential ylang ylang oil*, * = Organic

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