Conscious Movement Classes



The Conscious Movement Classes will be held every Wednesday in An Lar cafe, Dunlavin Co. Wicklow at 7pm. The first class will start on 30th August 2023.

The purpose of these workshops will be to release any tension from the body by stretching main myofascia lines. A body released from any unwanted tension will positively influence our posture and will make regeneration easier.

doing While the exercises we will be able to tell which muscles are too tense and which need to be strengthened. Knowing this we will be able to work on balancing our posture on our own every day.

While doing practical techniques and excercises, I will

talk about our thoughts, how they create our emotions

which can have a negative or positive influence on our

body and posture.

Each class will be ended with relaxation so the body will have a chance to adapt to the changes that happened during the physical excercises.

The classes will be held in small groups. Please book in advance with Greg…




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