Hurom Mini Blender Mixed Blender


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Compact – Powerful – Safe – Smart!
What else could you possibly ask from our super mini blender!


So many innovative solutions packed in our mini blender.
From a powerful motor, safety features, smart cap, and all of these
in a supermini and convenient super mini blender, ideal for any small modern household.


Powerful Performance, Simple Usage


20,000 Times per Minute, Powerful Performance:
A large-caliber spoiler design applied to each container maximizes the blending performance


Cooling Structure for Safety and Durability, Adsorption Pad:
Bottom plate design for fast heat dissipation, suction pads to catch shaking


Automatic Control Design Considering Safety:
Safety design that automatically stops when the container is removed


Tumbler Cap and Two Types of Blending Containers:
The stubble cap opens 180 degrees with silicone finish 350ml capacity, 600ml container for family


Convenient Usage by One-Touch Button:
One-touch on and off by simple operation of a single button without any complicated process

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Shipping weight 2 kg


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