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This bag contains a delicious mix of (colored) licorice sticks, raspberry licorice, chalk licorice, chocolate licorice balls and licorice filled with mint. Made without gelatin and using the traditional slow cooking method, which gives it its signature chewy softness. Without artificial colors and flavors.



Molasses syrup, WHEAT FLOUR, sugar, cocoa butter, liquorice extract, fully hydrogenated vegetable oil (coconut), WHOLE MILK POWDER, cocoa mass, rice starch, maize starch, pasteurised raspberry puree, glucose syrup, acidity regulator (citric acid), thickener (gum arabic), glazing agents (carnauba wax, vegetable oils (coconut, rapeseed)), SKIMMED MILK POWDER, flavourings (e.g. aniseed oil, peppermint oil, vanillin), emulsifier (lecithin), colour (curcumin). Content of the mixture may vary. Yellow dragee contains milk chocolate.

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