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Tamari is a powerful Japanese soy sauce, which is made from soybeans and koji (a unique Japanese fungus). Soy sauce is by far the most important ingredient in Japanese cuisine. Once you have tried this seasoning, you are sold. The aroma is powerful but sophisticated. What you taste is authentic and thoroughly Japanese. The most special? In tamari you will find all five flavor components at once: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami! Tamari is multi-deployable. You can actually do it through anything. Season rice or noodles with it, through stew or stir-fry dishes, marinate meat or fish with it or use it as a dipping sauce with sushi. The possibilities are endless.



SOAY beans*, Water, Sea salt, Salted shochu* (water. rice*. salt. koji seed), Koji-ferment,* = Organic

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