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Nori is the most commonly used edible seaweed. In fact, you may have had it more often than you realise since it goes by different names depending on what type of cuisine you’re dining on. While nori is what the Japanese call it, this versatile sea vegetable is also known as Sleabhancán here in Ireland , laver in the British Isles, gim or kim in Korea, and zicai in China


Eye Health Benefits of Nori: Some of the best nutrients for healthy eyes are vitamin A, vitamin C, and anti-oxidants. Nori seaweed is loaded with all of these! Vitamin A helps dry eyes.

Dental Health Benefits of Nori: Commonly when people want to increase their daily calcium intake for bone and teeth health, they reach for dairy products such as milk and cheese. However, nori is known for its high calcium content, which makes it an excellent alternative source for vegetarians and vegans. Calcium is an essential nutrient you need every day to maintain the strength of teeth and prevent tooth decay from acid-producing oral bacteria. The high concentration of vitamin C in nori keeps gums healthy and prevents periodontal disease.

Brain Health Benefits of Nori: Using up to 20% of the body’s daily energy requirements, your brain needs to stay well-fed for healthy functioning and maintaining your energy level overall. What are the best nutrients for brain power? Two of the crucial brain boosters you can get from eating nori include Omega-3 essential fatty acids and complex carbohydrates. Omega-3 fatty acids improve your cognitive abilities by improving memory & increasing alertness. Complex carbs are often referred to as “brain food” because they are the primary source of energy for your brain to function properly.

Digestive Health Benefits of Nori: Need more fiber in your diet? Nori contains a large amount of soluble dietary fiber, which dissolves in water and slows down digestion making you feel full longer. A high-fiber diet is important for health because it can regulate your digestive system.

Heart Health Benefits of Nori: Omega-3 essential fatty acids are considered some of the best nutritional elements you can get from your food. With Omega-3 fatty acids, nori helps to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and lower blood pressure . Generally most people get Omega-3 from fish or fortified foods, but vegetarians and vegans can easily enjoy the benefits of nori for optimal health.

Muscle Health Benefits of Nori: One third of nori is protein. Protein is a big part of any meal for most people, but some studies warn that the average person may regularly eat more than they need. If you get too much protein, your body stores it as fat. Whether you want to be a body-builder or not, nori is a great source of protein because it’s also very low calorie and low fat. You can build muscle and avoid packing on extra pounds unwanted fat.


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